D Scott Carruthers Shares 11 Ways to Get a Real Smile from Wedding Photography Subjects

Photography is a specialty that attracts a lot of interest due to its power to create memories. Many people have wanted to become good photographers but their lack of mentors has dragged the process of getting towards the helm of their success. This is the reason D. Scott Carruthers has championed an initiative aimed at helping upcoming photographers execute their ideas. He has practiced photography for more than 10 years and here are few tips he shares to help you draw genuine smiles from your subjects while taking wedding photographs.

  1. Make it a game

Getting the subject involved is the ultimate way through which you can ensure you get a genuine smile. One of the suggestions you could pursue is telling them to put on strange faces to see who does it best, and amid this unexpected activity you will get many smiles as they find it laughable and awkward.

  1. Stare lovingly

Since in a wedding you are most likely to be photographing the couple, you could ask them to stare at each other lovingly. Obviously this is a vague suggestion as they will be confused how to best do it, which will definitely get them blown up in smiles and laughs.

  1. Tell something funny

Although not everyone might be good at this, you might squeeze in some jokes related to the day. The rule is to tell something they can relate with and digest easily if you want to get them taken away in beautiful smiles that will help make the photos amazing. It is just about playing with their psychology in a manner that will have them relax to enjoy the moment.

  1. Approach with a smile

The psychological effect of approaching with a smile on is strong as you are able to trigger the couple to as well feel easy around you. Putting on a strong face might trigger them to feel that you are handling a very complex process and thus everyone must remain silent all through, which is not going to help you get genuine smiles.

  1. Compliment them

A compliment boost one’s mood and ego and as research has shown, when you compliment someone they are highly likely to feel good about themselves. Therefore, telling your subjects they look good together might sound simple but the effect is far reaching, and with that easy mention you will get them smiling.

  1. Ask a trick question

Asking a trick question that at the same time gets them to suspect you want information from them is also a perfect way you could get people smiling for photos. While they will try to figure out the best answer for the question, it will get them smiling as everyone tries to outdo the other in getting it right.

  1. How did you meet?

While photographing a couple, this question is important to them as it reflects their beautiful past and the point where their love kicked in. Most definitely, they will put on smiles before anyone comes up with a response to the question.

  1. Kiss her on the cheek/nose/forehead

Many happy couples will wear a beautiful smile when asked to intimately kiss each other before a camera. It’s a wild suggestion that will get them energized to embrace the moment, and with this you can be assured to get genuine smiles.

  1. Ask a dance

If the subjects are having hard time relaxing, you could get them moving and make sure to focus their attention far from the camera. It’s easy to get a couple to embrace a dance session with joy and the fact this will be before a camera they will be triggered to wear beautiful smiles.

  1. Ask for a laugh

You could as well ask them to laugh and research has shown that fake laughs gradually turn into giggles. Continue clicking until the laugh turns real and just like that you will help to create beautiful photos.

  1. Tell each other a secret

It will also sound strange when you tell them to whisper a secret to each other, and amid this process will come beautiful smiles. Most definitely, the secret in this case will include love messages to each other.

D Scott Carruthers is a world class photographer as well as a traveler and lover of all things vegan. You can see more of his content at carruthersphoto.com


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