Top Places In The World To Photograph

Travel photography takes you to various interesting destinations across the world, but as you do it more, you realize you need to explore many more places that can take your career to a higher height. Picking the best places to photograph across the world is a decision that will help you make perfect photos that are not only satisfying to your audience, but you as well. You not only need to consider popular destinations, but as expert photographer Summit Shah explains, there are many more places that are unexplored that you could find ideal for travel photography. Here are suggestions for best places across the world where you can photograph travel photos.

Maruata Bay, Mexico

Just rent an apartment in Maruata and with your stay there, you will appreciate how much the place offers you amazing photography opportunities. This is a destination that is popularly known for tourism and when you head down to Michoacan state, you enjoy a better chance to capture dramatic shots. It offers you amazing image ops, which range from cliffs to wetlands and birds as well as sea turtles.

Don’t miss shots of waves crushing against the cliffs and you could enhance your photography by trying some photos of uncluttered beach sunsets or fishermen at work. This is basically a destination that will give you the joy you have always sought to achieve as a photographer. You will also enjoy some good moments as a tourist apart from documenting moments, and the most adorable part is that the locals there are highly supportive.

Chugach State Park, Alaska

If you have ever dreamt of taking your photography to Alaska, Chugach State Park is the place you should be. The destination has amazing landscapes and is packed with wildlife photo ops that you will appreciate. It is also easily accessible, more than the Denali National Park, and you will not suffer the inconvenience of congestion that you would find at the national park. Some of the key features you could capture while at Chugach include the lakes that are beautifully nested through the terrain of the mountainous landscape.

There are several marshlands filled with swans and the migrating birds will make the view more interesting. You could hike up the Glen Alps to get some aerial views that include the waters that flow in the lake, and one particular section that is interesting is off the coast where you could do some shots of the Beluga whales. If you are lucky to show up during sunset, this is one of the most interesting places to photograph.

Cedar Mesa, Utah

While in the U.S., you have plenty of options for destinations ideal for travel photography. One such place that Summit Shah suggests you should consider is Cedar Mesa in Utah. Photographers love the Colorado Mesa Verde, so you will not find as many people around Cedar Mesa, which gives you the peace of mind you need when doing some sweet shots. Easily capture the Pueblo ruins and awesome cliff dwellings to the southwest. You can achieve perfect photos here without the inconvenience of working around crowds. Don’t miss to photograph textured images of the Anasazi cliff dwellings as well as rock paintings. The sunset offers long-exposure nighttime shots.

Saskatchewan, Canada

Instead of visiting Alberta, you could find a rare opportunity to photograph at Saskatchewan in Canada. If you head to Banff National Park, you will meet hordes of landscape shooters, but at Saskatchewan, which gives you a similar opportunity, you are able to enjoy the space and convenience of shooting without distractions from others. The destination offers miles of rural back roads and these are open roads that tourists rarely use that will lead you to hidden gems including old farms and homesteads that are surrounded by grasslands.

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