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Purchasing and Selling Furniture

Purchasing and selling furniture is usually stressful for everyone. The clients want a fast, stress-free, trustworthy experience. For the seller, space can be the most important resource so the inventory moves quickly. For an e-commerce store, the photographs of the furniture are critical to success. There are tips that can help an e-commerce furniture store take just the right photographs.

The Detail

Successfully photographing furniture is about capturing the details. Start by making certain the furniture is clean, including the little nooks because dust will show in a photograph. Any imperfections should be buffed out, and a high-quality furniture polish should be used to make the piece shine. The customer will be expecting the furniture to be in good shape, and if the photograph is unsatisfactory, they will look elsewhere. An excellent example of top photography is JMD Furniture.

Choosing the Right Location

Most furniture will not fit properly into a standard setup for photoshoots. The chosen space should have good lighting and be a minimum of three times larger than the piece of furniture being photographed. Natural light will provide the best effect, but direct sunlight will cause harsh shadows. If the photograph is being taken near a window, use a piece of white paper to diffuse the light. This will soften the effect and enhance the furniture.

The Backdrop

The best way to highlight a piece of furniture is with a crisp, white backdrop. A background stand is inexpensive and will bring out the details of the piece. It is also simple to construct a backdrop. All that is required are a few clamps, and a white piece of paper, or sheet three times bigger than the furniture being photographed. When the transition between the horizontal and vertical planes is seamless, a photography sweep is created.

The Lens

Understanding the lens being used is crucial when photographing furniture. The digital zoom is not important, but the optical zoom can make the photograph. This enables the photographer to get a very close view of the furniture so the details can be clearly seen. A digital zoom simply allows the photographer to crop the photo. The focal length should be at the maximum setting to enable the optical zoom to zero in as much as possible. This means there must be enough distance between the furniture and the camera. If the distance is too close, the photograph can easily become distorted, and not be an accurate reflection of the furniture. The lines of the piece can appear curved, and the photograph will look warped. A proper distance will assure both clarity and straight lines.

The Angle

The angle must be chosen so the top, front and side of the furniture can be seen in one photograph. A photograph taken directly in front of the piece will confuse the customer because it will have a flat appearance. The angle of the camera must display an accurate representation of the furniture and the dimensions.

Taking More Than One Photograph

When additional photographs are taken, the customer can get a better idea as to how the piece looks. The customer is unable to touch the piece and is relying on the photographs for accuracy. Multiple photographs make the customer feel as though they are walking around the piece, and they can envision the furniture in their home.

The Aperture

To get the furniture in focus, the smallest possible aperture is necessary. This will balance out the long focal length and dimensions of the piece. This will additionally reveal all the details of the furniture in the photograph. This is especially important if there is a zoom function in the e-commerce store. The photograph is what will sell the piece, and if the customer is unable to see every detail, chances are good the sale will be lost. JMD Furniture is an excellent example because the quality of the furniture they sell is accurately seen in their photographs.

Simple is Best

Do not try to style the piece by adding items such as plants or a vase. This will distract from the piece, and take the customers eyes away from the furniture. The best photograph is a clear view of the piece with nothing additional added.

Used Furniture

When the furniture being photographed is used, do not try to hide any damage. The customer will not expect perfection and will be greatly disappointed if a major flaw was hidden. The best qualities of the piece should be highlighted, but any damage should be disclosed.

The Reflector

Large shadows can be created by a substantial piece of furniture. A reflector will stop parts of the piece from disappearing into the shadows. The photograph will also look professional if the background is removed.

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