How Selfies Are Reshaping The Future of Cosmetic Surgeries

Cosmetic surgery back in the day can be considered one of the ‘extreme’ measures of self-improvement. However, more and more people have become open to the idea that changing one’s face isn’t so bad. In a recent survey, 40% of patients by American Cosmetic Surgeons admit to going under the knife because looking better in selfies is a great incentive.

Aside from boosting one’s self-confidence in front of the mirror, many people have relied on social media as a form of an “ego-boost”. They post pictures of their recent travel destinations, gifts they received, cars they own, cute kids they have, and of course, beautiful faces that they possess. Having beautiful selfies has become a means to gain others’ approval through likes, loves, and comments.

“The recent boom in cosmetic surgery is fueled by the desire of people to look good in selfies, and social media as a whole,” Dr. Usha Rajagopal, a known Cosmetic Surgeon. What role do selfies play in the future of cosmetic surgeries and what does this say about us? Read on to find out more how selfies have influenced this industry.

How Selfies Are Reshaping The Future of Cosmetic Surgeries

1. Selfies made people more self-conscious about their appearance

Selfies are mostly close-up images of people. One known element of a selfie is good lighting, fabulous makeup techniques (or no makeup for that matter), and stylish clothing to match. Due to these close-up images, people have become more self-conscious of their appearance. Someone who might not have noticed her jaw may be completely bothered after looking in one of her selfies. Somebody who took a selfie might nitpick on his ‘larger than average’ nose and might even consider going through rhinoplasty to have it fixed. “Selfies have made people more self-conscious than ever, which motivates them to undergo cosmetic procedures,” Dr. Usha Rajagopal adds.

2. Selfies show people an ideal look for themselves

On a positive note, selfies can also be a way for others to find their ideal look. This can be beneficial when a person has been contemplating undergoing facial surgery even before taking the selfies. For example, if a person decides to take a selfie and finds some editing application for the skin, eyes, nose, lips and other facial features, he or she can create an ideal look that they want for themselves. This can be shown to cosmetic surgeons as a basis of how the clients want their face to be after the surgery.

3. Selfies of ‘influencers’ become a frame of reference

We all go crazy wanting to learn about the personal lives of our favorite celebrities. We can even go as far as trying to copy what they eat for breakfast or the brand of pajamas they wear during weekends. In essence, we like to imitate those we admire. And when celebrities post their selfies on Instagram or Twitter, it can also be a frame of reference for other people. Clients can tell their surgeons, “I want to have Kim K’s butt,” or “I want to have Angelina’s lips,” at a whim. Famous people and their selfies can be a frame of reference for cosmetic surgery.

4. Cosmetic surgery as a self-enhancing procedure, like make-up

Make-up is a common go-to for women who prefer to enhance their appearances for selfies. There are hundreds of thousands of Youtube videos teaching women how to do their eyebrows, lips, or contour their faces. The ultimate goal of doing these techniques are certain: to look good in person and to look good in photos. In some instances, it can even go as much as going under the knife to enhance one’s appearance. An example of this is seen in some Asian countries, particularly in South Korea. Some women undergo the double eyelid cosmetic surgery to make their eyes look bigger and brighter. The procedure is so common that women who undergo these procedures talk about it casually with friends and family, and there isn’t even a hint of controversy behind it.

5. Selfies portray a good image that motivates people to undergo cosmetic surgery

People always want to look their best on social media sites. Selfies are one of those tools that people use to remind themselves that they are attractive, they take care of themselves and they can conquer the world. It is one of the portrayers of the ‘good image’ we want others to see on our wall or online feeds. This is what motivates people to keep on being better, to keep on making themselves look beautiful no matter what it takes–including undergoing some cosmetic procedures.

Selfies have become an integral part of social media, and it is important to know how it affects the Cosmetic industry as well. If you are someone who is considering undergoing any surgical procedure, ask yourself this question, “What motivates you?” Remember that the most important thing is you do it more for yourself, to make you happy, sans the selfies.

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