About D. Scott Carruthers

Anaheim, California native D. Scott Carruthers is a gifted photographer. He has a unique way of capturing even the most mundane subject and making it a special photo. Many feel he’s able to create such breathtaking photographs because of his background in art. As a youth Carruthers displayed a talent for drawing and painting. His parents paid for him to get additional training so he could develop his talent. Both his parents and his teachers were impressed with his work and felt he had a bright future as an artist. But D. Scott Carruthers was never satisfied with his work. He always felt something wasn’t quite right.

When Carruthers was in middle school, his mother brought home a camera to use on one of her projects for work. She asked him to help by taking a few pictures for her. In addition to taking the pictures she needed, Carruthers also took some shots of the landscaping, birds and their pet cat. When his mother saw the pictures, she was blown away. They displayed a natural eye for light and composition. Carruthers also loved the pictures. He felt he had finally found a way to capture the elements that were missing in his art. Seeing his talent and excitement about the pictures, his mother bought him a camera.

Scott Carruthers spent countless hours taking pictures of anything he could. His mother proudly showed off his pictures to friends, family and her co-workers. Everyone agreed they displayed a talent far beyond his years. When Carruthers got to high school he took a number of photography classes. He also joined the yearbook staff as a photographer. All of his teachers were stunned by the quality of his work. They felt it showed an innovative way of capturing his subjects. His photographs were featured prominently in the yearbook. Plus all the sports teams wanted him taking pictures at their games.

When a group of musicians at the school formed a band, they asked Carruthers to take some photographs they could use for flyers and other promotional materials. He put them in some innovative poses and photographed them. When the band saw the pictures, they were so impressed they told Carruthers they would pay him to take pictures at their shows. He agreed. At one of the band’s early shows, there was a group of models showing off the work of a rising designer. Just for fun, D. Scott Carruthers took some pictures of the models. When the designer saw the photos she paid him $500 for them.

Soon Carruthers was photographing fashion shows all over Anaheim, California. Some of his work ended up in local newspapers and magazines accompanied by his name as the photographer. Suddenly Carruthers became something of a local celebrity. He began getting calls from designers, modeling agencies, indie bands and show promoters. Everyone was convinced he had the ‘eye’ for capturing and presenting their work the right way. By the time Carruthers graduated high school, he was one of the hottest photographers in Anaheim. He was making money hand over fist and his photos were featured in the top local newspapers and magazines.

Instead of going to college, D. Scott Carruthers was traveling all over the West Coast taking pictures for the top bands and the hottest fashion designers. He was also in great demand for weddings, graduations and other special occasions. His pictures began to appear on marketing materials for all types of groups. By the time he was 20 years old, D. Scott Carruthers had opened his own photography studio and had a waiting list of clients a mile long. Just after his twenty-first birthday, Carruthers was approached by an agent. He agreed to hire her to market his work to a larger audience.

Signing with an agent changed Carruthers’ life dramatically. Soon his work began to appear in well-known national publications. She even arranged for a series of one-man shows. This led to work photographing movie stars, entertainers and athletes. He also got work from a number of advertising agencies and his photographs were used in national ad campaigns. These days, getting photographed at D. Scott Carruthers’ Anaheim photography studio is a sign that you’ve arrived.

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